Available courses

Electronic RTI SAT forms, created by Dr. Kathleen Flaherty can be downloaded.

Title: Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP): 4 Part Series

Presenter: David D’Antonio


Amid the pandemic, many students may experience loss of loved ones, loss of freedom, and access to friends. Learn strategies to teach children about the grieving process.

Presenter: Lydia M. Sandoval M.A. (lsandoval@ces.org)

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Transition: 3 Part Series

Topics include Transition Basics, Preparing Students for Life after Graduation and Transition Planning Begins in Mid School

Presented by Marilyn D'Ottavio (m'dottavio@ces.org)

Title: The Autism Toolbox Series - Educating Students with Autism: Basics and Beyond

Presenter: Margaret Wood, MA/CCC-SLP (mwood@ces.org)

Duration: 60 minutes

Title: Managing Behavior in the Virtual Classroom

Strategies are presented to manage behaviors that enhance teaching in the virtual classroom. These include creating a productive and safe environment, the use of positive feedback and designing a plan for the struggling student.

Presenter: David D’Antonio (dd’antonio@ces.org)

Duration: 60 minutes

Title: Documentation in a Remote World

As a result of viewing this webinar participants will understand why, when and how to use specific documentation of student participation and progress in live classes, remote or hybrid environment.  Participants will  also view student participation and progress monitoring tools and proper methods of securing data.

Presenter: Linda A. Gregg, Ed.D, Technical Assistance Program (TAP) Consultant

Duration:  90 Minutes

Title: Challenging Behaviors in Preschool-Kindergarten

As a result of viewing this webinar, participants will learn about the "Fight or Flight" response, the 4 Functions of Behavior, proactive strategies to decrease challenging behaviors, and view ideas on how to design a calm down space and calm down box.

Presenter: Lydia M. Sandoval M.A., TAP Consultant (lsandoval@ces.org )

Duration: 1 hour

The ABC's of Social Emotional Learning, Preschool-Kindergarten 

Presenter: Lydia M. Sandoval M.A., TAP Consultant (lsandoval@ces.org )

This webinar is an introduction to Social Emotional Learning. What it is and why it is important? Participants will learn about the harmful effects of early childhood trauma and toxic stress.  

Duration: 1 hour 

Elevating Co-Teaching to Close Achievement Gaps Series" - Session #2 - Co-Teaching Partnerships

Presenters: Pat Renteria, Ed.S & Barbara Piper, M.A.

This webinar session explains how teachers can develop and sustain effective co-teaching partnerships. It is designed for educators who are considering co-teaching, as well as those currently co-teaching.

Duration: 1 hour

Title: How to Scaffold Instruction in-Class and Online

Presenter: Linda A. Gregg, Ed.D./TAP Consultant (lgregg@ces.org)

As a result of viewing this webinar participants will learn the definition of instructional scaffolding, see examples of conceptual, procedural, strategic and scaffolding through remote and online learning and understand when and how to use scaffolding strategies in-class and online.

 Duration: 60 mins

Elevating Co-Teaching to Close the Achievement Gaps: Administrator Training - “How Administrators Effectively Lead and Support Co-Teaching for Inclusive Schooling” 

Presenters: Pat Renteria, Ed.S & Barbara Piper, M.A.  

This webinar session is designed specifically for district and school administrators, focuses on the administrator roles and responsibilities for creating, implementing, and sustaining co-teaching programs in their schools.

Duration: 1 hour

Presenter: Linda A. Gregg, Ed.D./TAP Consultant (lgregg@ces.org)

As a result of viewing this webinar participants will learn the hallmarks of differentiation which include Content, Process, Product, and Environment. Viewers will see examples of in-class and online differentiation. They will understand when and how to use differentiation strategies in-class and online.

 Duration: 60 mins

Multi-Layered System of Support for New Mexico School Districts and Charter Schools (4 Webinar Sessions)

Presented by Kathleen M. Flaherty Ph.D.

Presented by Tania Salinas (Tania@ces.org )

Viewing this 45 minute webinar provides an opportunity to learn about:

  • New Mexico State gifted guidelines
  • Understanding Gifted Educational Evaluation Reports
  • Current gifted trends to include the School wide Enrichment Model Reading & Writing Effective IndividualizedEducational Plans (IEPs)
  • Writing S.M.A.R.T gifted goals aligned to Common Core State Standard
  • The latest engaging gifted curricula to meet students’ reading, math, critical thinking and creativity needs

Presenter: Barbara Piper, M.A. / TAP Consultant / CES

This session addresses creating and implementing accommodations and modifications in the educational setting. Topics include: what accommodations and modifications are; a 4 component model for creating accommodations and modifications; and looks at implementing accommodations in virtual/remote learning.

Duration: 62 minutes

Presented by: Leigh Adams-Emanuel (leigh@ces.org)

Presented by: Leigh Adams-Emanuel (leigh@ces.org)

This webinar covers the different parts of an IEP and provides information on the legal aspects as well as tips for districts to stay compliant. Information is included on the additional times a school may need to hold an IEP in this time of COVID-19.

Presented by: Leigh Adams-Emanuel (leigh@ces.org)