Wrapping Up the School Year: Considerations for Retention, Extended School Year (ESY) and / or Recovery Services

Presented by Dr. Lisa Oliphant

Review Existing Evaluation Data (REED) Process for Teachers

Presented by: Mari Bauman (mbauman@ces.org)

Duration: 1 hour, 22 minutes

This webinar will cover the follow topics:

Definition of REED & the law, members for the REED, steps in the REED process, conducting the REED, practice in completing a REED

This webinar consists of 3 parts which can be used as individual pieces or taken as a whole depending on the need. The parts are 1) Writing Complete Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance; 2) Writing Compliant IEPs; and 3) Determining a Student's Least Restrictive Environment

Presented By: Leigh Adams-Emanuel (leigh@ces.org), TAP consultant with a master's in Special Education and 24 years of experience

Title: Documentation for Virtual Instruction

As a result of viewing this webinar participants will understand why, when and how to use specific documentation of student participation and progress in live classes, remote or hybrid environment.  Participants will  also view student participation and progress monitoring tools and proper methods of securing data.

Presenter: Linda A. Gregg, Ed.D, Technical Assistance Program (TAP) Consultant

Duration:  90 Minutes

Presented by: Leigh Adams-Emanuel (leigh@ces.org)

Presented by: Leigh Adams-Emanuel (leigh@ces.org)